We live in an age with many challenges. It is necessary to satisfy today’s needs without endangering the future of future generations. We founded Varem Energie AG to realise the potential and responsibility in energy production and waste utilisation.

Varem Energie was founded in 2017 as Varem Tech AG by VAREM Group and Stefan T. Sziwek of GreenTech GmbH with the vision of complementing the activities and competences in the real estate sector for the production of renewable energy and waste solutions. GreenTech GmbH contributed its experience and knowledge from the development, construction and operation of biogas plants. In 2020, we co-founded BIATEX GmbH and contributed the technical know-how for the development of the first biological slurry and digestate processing plant. This plant – which won prizes including the DLG Innovation Award in silver – has now been in large-scale operation for over two years.

In 2023, we have reorganised the structures under the renamed Varem Energie AG in order to intensify the activities with strong partners.

→ www.varem-energie.com


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