«Gautschi Park», Reinach AG, 2012 – 2017

The Gautschi Park in Reinach in the canton of Aargau combines contemporary living with the needs of a family-friendly environment.

Five new buildings have been constructed on 8,800 square metres of land. The generous green spaces create a natural and park-like atmosphere and offer the residents plenty of privacy and space for encounters.

The centrepiece of the park is the factory owner’s villa of the Gautschi family from 1812, which was extensively renovated together with the monument preservation authorities and developed into a true bijou.

Key data

Execution: 2015 - 2017
Builder: VAREM AG
Architecture: Haberstroh Architekten, Basel
Building volume (total): 37‘285 m3
Land area: 7‘356 m2
Use: 25 condominiums, 6 terraced houses, 27 rental flats
Services VAREM Group: Builder, Project development, Total contracting, Marketing
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