«Apartment house», Magden AG, 2010 – 2012

The apartment building with four condominiums is located at the entrance to the Aargau village of Magden. The building takes up the line of the neighbouring houses and mediates between the larger commercial building and the smaller-scale neighbouring houses through its clear volumetry.

In order to respond to the noise pollution from the street, the living spaces are arranged on the west side and open up to the quiet side as much as possible. The rooms on the street-facing façades are protected from noise pollution by horizontally layered wooden cladding, so that intimate patios belonging to the rooms can be arranged behind them in addition to bedrooms and adjoining rooms.

Key data

Execution: 2010 - 2012
Builder: VAREM AG
Architecture: Haberstroh Schneider Architekten GmbH
Building volume (total): 2‘820 m3
Land area: 828 m2
Use: 4 condominiums
Services VAREM Group: Builder, Project development, Marketing
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